Effective Ways to Sell Online Courses Before You Have Created Them!

Thu Jul 21, 2022

Sell Your Courses Before You Have Even Built Those!

Would you ever want to create online courses, spending so much time and dedicated efforts, which no one wants to buy? Or, would you think it is worth to change the course contents half way through the course, knowing that none of your audience is interested on your subject matter?

If you’re worried that your priceless time and labour of hard work might go in vain, because your course is not that attractive nor being sold as expected, then we have a simple solution for you! You will be able to wisely engage yourself in online course creation process seamlessly, and achieve up to your expectations.

This simple process is known as Pre-Selling; when you are already selling your courses before you have even created those! Not only that! You can also create a course which fits your audiences’ needs and is sold fast.

You may relate the concept of pre-selling to our day to day practices. We see books are sometimes being pre-ordered, where the payment is taken in advance before having the book printed and delivered to the customer. Similarly, pre-selling is selling an online course before it has even been created in full.

You are definitely a subject matter expert on the course you are willing to create. However, you may not know exactly if your course is going to be sellable in the market, and if there is enough attraction for it. Pre-selling gives you that option to test your course’s demands.

Usually to pre-sell an online course, you can generally provide a description of the course contents, the course outcomes and transformation from the course, or assessment methods if there is any. You can definitely opt for offering self-paced courses, where the students learn at their own time and comfort. However, self-paced courses have shown to be less effective than courses conducted live, and with activities aimed to make a real transformation of the student. It is for sure that people will only pay if they are assured that they will make changes in their lives. Self-paced courses usually do not provide enough transformation, as a live or actively engaging course will.

However, there are options to integrate engaging activities with self-paced courses, and that would certainly make an impact on your course sales too.

Advantages of pre-selling a course:

Once you have started offering your course to be pre-sold, you will already get enough feedback from the market and validate your course. If your course is not selling that well, then you can definitely stop proceeding further and pull yourself back to modify the course according to the needs of the market. Because you need to sell what the audience wants, and not necessarily what you want!

Pre-selling a course also provides you the initial funding to make arrangements for your course materials, necessary instruments or meet your needs. You can utilize the revenue on massive marketing for your course too; without having to pay anything from your own pocket! Pre-selling generates revenue, which is spent on marketing and improving the course, which in return generates further proceeds from the course.

Having your courses sold prior to completion is itself a great motivation, which encourages the course creators to offer the best of the best to their audiences. This often leads to extremely positive feedback from the first batch of students; and certainly a course will be sold better in the following rounds when there are people to testify it, and acknowledge their transformation.

Online course creation is definitely not an easy task. However, with your relentless dedication, your ability to perceive your promising future and the esteemed opportunity to make an impact on others’ lives are priceless driving forces to keep you moving forward!

When you know that YOU can change peoples’ lives, what’s stopping you?

Tawfique Al Mubarak
Chief Bidyapreneur, Bidyapeet.com.

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