Zakah Management 

What Every Muslim Must Know

Fulfill your Zakah obligations with clarity and confidence

Instructor: Dr Abu Bakr RafiqueLanguage: Bangla

About the course

Welcome to the course "Zakah Management: What Every Muslim Must Know!"


Learn about:

  • The pillars of Islam and the importance of Zakah in the Islamic Law
  • The Shari'ah Objectives (Maqasid al Shari'ah) of Zakah
  • Identifying Zakatable wealth
  • Calculating Zakah rates and exemptions
  • Ethical distribution and eligible recipients
  • Zakah calculation for traditional wealth: gold, silver, money/currencies, jewelry, bonds etc
  • Zakah calculation for crops and vegetation
  • Zakah calculation for animals and livestock
  • Zakah calculation for commercial commodities, and businesses
  • Sadaqatul Fitr and its calculation
  • Modern day case studies and resources for efficient Zakah calculation




This course is ideal for:

  • Muslims seeking a deeper understanding of Zakah
  • Individuals looking to fulfill their Zakah obligations accurately
  • Those seeking guidance on ethical and effective Zakah distribution


After completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Confidently talk about zakah, its meaning and stance in the Islamic Law
  • The significance and Shari'ah objectives of zakah
  • Understand the difference between zakah and tax
  • Calculation of zakah for different types of assets, inventories and zakatable items
  • Determine your own and your family's sadaqatul fitr and the means to distribute those


Course Language: English and Bangla

Lecture notes are in English language, while live sessions and recorded video presentations are in Bangla language for the convenience of the audience.


The course is designed and prepared by:

Prof. Dr. Abu Bakr Rafique Ahmad
Former Vice Chancellor, International Islamic University Chittagong
Former Member Secretary, Shari'ah Supervisory Board, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited



What you’ll learn

Built for General Muslims

Even if you are just learning Islam, you will find it as easy as ABC! It starts with the basics, and goes deeper with case studies to make your learning relatable and fun. 

Scholarly Developed

The course shares references and case studies from authentic sources, so that your learning is unquestionable. 

Learn with the best

Professor Dr Abu Bakr Rafique is a well known Islamic scholar in Bangladesh, and globally! He is there to help you learn the best, with the best!

Blended Learning 

Although you can take the lessons at your ease, from your comfort zone, we also have assigned discussion sessions to help you solve your problems!

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